Light Urbanism - Affordable housing and nomadic lifestyle in a fallow land

Jann Erhard, Michael Stünzi

The title Light or Weak Urbanism describes the phenomenon of affordable housing. Affordable housing in the States can be found in settlements like Mobile homes parks, RV Parks, districts with little wooden houses without basement etc. which often appear in a precarious condition in the circle of mobility, «petrification» and decay. Light Urbanism has to do with temporality, ephemeral conditions and self-made. Light Urbanism is therefore also a specific lifestyle (what it is about is to show…). Light Urbanism is in many cases a phenomenon of poverty and expression of a lack of affordable flats (respective the absence of the state in the social housing development). But there are other cases like mobile home parks for retired people, often signed with «55+». You find Light Urbanism allover Florida; it is present in St. Petersburg close to Downtown as well as in the «fallow land» of the Heartland with of its weak economy.

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